Friday 10am ... met at Denny's on 237/880 in Milpitas then did 680-84-Livermore-Vasco Rd-4-Bryon-4-Stockton-26-Mokelumne Hill for lunch-49-Newcastle for supper. 193->Lincoln.

Late morning of June 1994 at Byron Saloon where we had sum brews before continuing our journey to Mokelumne Hill. Scoots parked from left to right are Grumbler's Barge, RRB's White Bike, George's Sportie loaned to Curtis, Dave's FJ, Jeff's Sportster from Heck and George's FiXeR.

Waystation Restaurant in Mokelumne Hill at the 49/26 jct was a good place for grub and suds. Jeff's Sportie was having ignition problems around then and took almost half the day before he was able to fix it near Drytown. Good thing, too, otherwise we'd have chucked him and his Sportie into the river. ;^)

This is where we stopped at an expensive BBQ joint in Newcastle for supper. Ironically, all the Japanese bikes clustered together here while the Harleys kept pretty much to themselves on far right. Right after we got done eating, Hesh shows up on his ratty BMW.

Front view of Steve's new digs in rural Lincoln. We all camped in his backyard pasture with the bikes hidden behind his farmhouse. Later that evening, Pete arrives on his Shovelhead and the herd finally settles down for the evening. :-)

Backyard of Steve's farmhouse contains some unsavory refugees from society who're waffling on whether to say cheeze or stomp the photographer.

All the sleds parked in the shade as it was a hot day. Dude wearing the red shirt is Pete who shortly relocated to New Mexico.

Saturday am ... backroads-49-Grass Valley for brekkie. 49- Nevada City-49-Downieville-49-Bassetts-Gold Lake Rd-89- Quincy for lunch. 89-70-Belden Town for suds. 70-Cherokee Rd (never again!) - Oroville-70-Marysville-65->Lincoln.

Highway 89 at Gold Lake Rd that Saturday. We were waiting for Dave as, instead of pulling over in Bassetts on 49 where we were follow Gold Lake Rd out to 89, he saw Grumbler disappearing down 49 and gave chase, but Grumbler along with Pete and RRB turned off the road to check out a cabin belonging to Pete's folks. After we backtracked to Bassetts, Steve went after Dave on his ZX-11 and caught him by 89. When we regrouped, it was off to Quincy for burgers N shakes after that long wait.

We finished our lunch in Quincy, got gas and continued our trip over to Belden Town in Feather River Canyon where we stopped for suds. Nice place to hang. Done, off towards Oroville via Cherokee Rd shortcut then back to Lincoln for the Beer BBQ. Although we didn't know it then, this was Dave Day's last ride with us -- he succumbled to brain tumors the following year. He had told me that he really liked the people on this ride and was looking forward to doing it again.

Sunday am ... 193-Sierra College Blvd-80-Sacramento-I5- Freeport-160-Antioch-4-Vasco Rd-Livermore-84-680->home.